What is Agarwood? 3 Important Details Need to know

Agarwood has been recently a popular ingredient that people use in many industries. Recently, agarwood products such as oil, perfume,  jewellery, incense,… have been proving themselves to be an important part of modern life. Playing the role as the connection between past and present as well as mental and physical life but still keeping itself many unveiled secrets from the world, Agarwood is like a mystery that human are dying to discover every single truth of it. Take a look on 3 facts about Agarwood in this article.

Lư sứ Thiên Mộc Hương Agarwood
Agarwood (or known as Eaglewood) product

I. Agarwood could only been found in a wounded plant.

Agarwood is the product of self-healing process of a plant called Aquilaira, a kind of plant that could usually be seen in South East Asia, India and Middle East. The sound and safe Aquilaira can not produce Agarwood but only the wounded ones. Physical damages such as these from thunder, wind, insects and artifiical factors like bomb explosion,… hurt the Aquilaira, turning it to vulnerable to fungal infection. To protect itself from death, Aquilaira tree defend itself by producing some kinds of chemistry which compound together and turn into Agarwood in the end of the process.

Agarwood is the creation of rough conditions. Its hunters spent years and years observing and they came to the conclusion that the more mountainous the land the and the poorer the soil is, the more frequent the occurrence of Eaglewood happens. This could be explain from a scientific view, because Aquilaira trees living in the tough conditions seem to be weaker to infection, they produce more Eaglewood to improvise with the living conditions.

Agarwood is also known as Aloes Wood, Eaglewood, Oud, Ud, Gaharu, Wood Aloe

II. Agarwood is a compound that has been watching the history for thousand years.

Vòng tay Trầm Hương Agarwood
Eaglewood jewellry

Agarwood had been found thousand years ago and been using in my aspects of life. Ancient China, Vietnam and India use Oud in Buddhism. They believed that Eaglewood was the “Wood of Gods” and God would be attracted by its scent so they made incense from it and burnt in the hope of getting blessings from Gods in temples, pagodas and even their homes.

Some Vietnamese kings commanded their subordinates to make closet out of Oud to store their clothes in the long-lasting scent.

In Africa, Oud was used to store the mummies of Egyptian kings, which help the mummies to stay longer get better scent by its special chemistry.

III. Agarwood is not just a compound, it is a perfect herbal for life

East Medical has been using Eaglewood for centuries to cure asthma, chest congestion, colic, diarrhea, diuretic, kidney problems, nausea, thyroid cancer, lung tumors and as a general tonic in China. Eaglewood is also use in treating treating lymph system disorders, high blood pressure and as an anti-malarial treatment due to its chemical composition and components.

Moreover, Eaglewood is called the perfect companion with Meditation. Traditional and modern Meditation consider Oud as a product of motivating meditating process, helping meditator get to the peak of meditation practice more easily.


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